From Christmas Excess To New Year Success!

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Barbara Shead – Nutritionist

After the excesses of the festive season you may be looking to lose weight and get fit.  For prolonged weight loss and a strong healthy body be prepared to change your attitude to food and exercise, do not be tempted along the quick fix route of unsustainable fad diets which may encourage yo-yo dieting and increased health issues,

Modify your diet slowly and gradually, educate yourself about healthier dietary habits, eat regularly, include the best of your foods, add a variety of healthy new foods and importantly cut down on unhealthy processed foods.  Include fresh whole foods, which retain their fibre, release their glucose slowly and evenly to promote good health, blood sugar and energy levels, and leave you feeling satisfied for longer.

INCLUDE: A variety of good carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean protein, whole grains, beans & lentils, fruit, oily fish, nuts and seeds all abundant in vital nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants  and dont forget water to prevent dehydration.

REDUCE : White grains, processed foods, ready meals , sugary cereals and foods, confectionary, fizzy drinks and alcohol often high in fat, salt, sugar, artificial flavourings, additives and stimulants which often may be fast glucose releasing, nutrient deficient, playing havoc with your health and energy levels and pile on the pounds.

Karla Voigts Physical Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer

It would be too good to be true if we could lose weight only by dieting, in fact, exercise shares the same importance as  a good  nutritional regime for losing weight.

The perfect weight loss exercise regime combines aerobic exercise (cycling, swimming, running) with resistance training (weights). Exercising with weights might burn fewer calories than aerobic exercises but it preserves lean body mass (muscle), which is important to stimulate your metabolism, especially after a workout.

A slim person may just be as unhealthy as an overweight person carrying unhealthy internal fat that surrounds vital organs in the abdominal area.  Crash diet plans may often encourage muscle mass loss and encourage internal fat which may only be reduced by exercise.

I cannot forget to mention that the return to exercise must be done progressively. Having a degree in Physiotherapy, I cannot tell you how many people hurt their back and joints in desperation to lose weight and return to their optimal fitness. If you have been taking your body for granted for many years, dont expect things to be the same as a few years ago. Be patient and most importantly work hard sensibly! The results will pay off your investment in yourself!

If you need help with your new regime we are on hand to help at THE FOOD & EXERCISE CLINIC!

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