Foods That Muscle in on Fitness!

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BARBARA SHEAD – Nutritionist

Your body needs good quality fuel for optimum energy levels, endurance and strength. Generally a good whole food diet, avoiding processed foods and sugar or salty snacks should ensure good muscle fuel (glycogen) stores, whilst avoiding energy dips.  Below are some general tips for what to eat on those important training/competing days and when. Quantities will depend on weight, fitness level, intensity and event.

CARBOHYDRATES –an important source of energy and glycogen supply – choose quality whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruit plus medium starchy vegetables eg. sweet potato, yam and sweet corn.

PROTEIN – for growth, strength, recovery and repair- choose good quality poultry, fish, lean meat, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans and lentils.

FATS – for energy, essential fatty acids, vitamins – choose oily fish, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds.

PRE-EXERCISE – Within two hours before exercise, medium-starch carbohydrates plus quality protein and fat may sustain energy and endurance levels.

DURING EXERCISE – Crucially carbohydrate drinks during endurance exercise may replace fluids/electrolytes lost, delay onset of fatigue and improve performance.

Less than 60 mins exercise – water to hydrate

60/90 mins or more – coconut water or an additive free isotonic drink (see recipe).

POST EXERCISE –In the first two hours quality carbohydrates, protein and fat plus liquid may aid muscle recovery, restore energy and replace nutrients/electrolytes/glycogen.

Recipe for a home-made isotonic drink – mix 500 ml of unsweetened fruit juice (preferably not from concentrate) with 500 ml of water plus a fifth of a teaspoon of natural unprocessed salt.  (

KARLA VOIGTS – Physical Exercise Specialist & Personal Trainer

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  Mark Twain

I am now going to explain the two main types of exercise and how they help you and your training:-

AEROBIC: – Endurance training which stimulates the heart, lungs and metabolic system, supplying oxygen to muscles as you work-out and increasing air intake and breathing rate eg. swimming, walking, jogging, aerobic classes

ANAEROBIC: Exercise without the use of oxygen which involves short and intense activity, depending on limited store of glycogen (sugars) stored in the muscles. Benefits are increased strength, muscle mass and more eg. weight lifting, sprinting and interval training.

In our everyday lives we mix both types of activity and our exercise program should include both too.  Change and adapt your routine regularly or you may find that your body adapts and stagnates and changes in your body will become less visible.

Tips for keeping fitness routine and enhance achievement:-

Variety – Choose exercises/activities you enjoy from both types of exercise, maintaining interest and enjoyment, therefore promoting results.

Targets – Set realistic goals and build up to them slowly and progressively, avoiding injuries. You don’t need to address everything in one month.

Vision – Focus on the body and fitness level that you want to achieve.

Motivation – Enrolling in a sports event will give you something to aim for.

Positivity – Bad days, illnesses or set backs are sent to try us, remain focused and don’t give up.

Pleasure – If going on holiday, try out and participate in activities that you enjoy.

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