Atlas Profilax Method featured on The Telegraph

Atlas Profilax Method featured on The Telegraph. AtlasPROfilax – The treatment: beauty treatment of the week. As seeing on For the Harley Street spinal specialist Matthew Voigts, all back problems originate from the atlas, the first vertebra immediately beneath the skull. Using a state-of-the-art tool, Voigts deeply massages the atlas to realign it, which can result in a...

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Atlasprofilax featured at Miss Eco Glam Blog

Please check out the article featured at Miss Eco Glam Blog:   My life changing AtlasPROfilax Treatment with the Atlas Clinic London Featured Instant. Profound. Pain Free. Incredible. Life Changing Written by  Anna Rodgers Sunday, 25 November 2012...

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Foods That Muscle in on Fitness!

BARBARA SHEAD – Nutritionist Your body needs good quality fuel for optimum energy levels, endurance and strength. Generally a good whole food diet, avoiding processed foods and sugar or salty snacks should ensure good muscle fuel (glycogen) stores, whilst avoiding energy dips.  Below are some general tips for what to eat on those important training/competing days and when. Quantities will depend on weight, fitness level, intensity and...

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Reflexology for Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety develops when we are first faced with a stressful situation – moving house, a big event, redundancies, bereavement, exams or something as simple as a caffeine overload. These feelings of anxiety are the body’s early warning system. Your body recognises that some form of danger is near, so you are kept alert in order to cope with what your body perceives as a potentially life-threatening event. In healthy individuals, the difficult...

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Singer Adele and Pilates

As seen on Metro online. It looks like Pilates has also conquered our beloved singer Adele who has decided to get healthy this year. As it was said ” it is about being healthier… Good for you, Adele! Pilates is  a body and mind conditioning program that can help you getting  fit and feeling good about yourself. Contact us today for your first FREE...

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From Christmas Excess To New Year Success!

Barbara Shead – Nutritionist After the excesses of the festive season you may be looking to lose weight and get fit.  For prolonged weight loss and a strong healthy body be prepared to change your attitude to food and exercise, do not be tempted along the ‘quick fix’ route of unsustainable fad diets which may encourage yo-yo dieting and increased health issues, Modify your diet slowly and gradually, educate yourself about healthier...

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